The Chain of Hearts originates from South Africa, and can trail up to a metre.


The Chain of Hearts can tolerate dry conditions, you don’t need to water too regularly – wait until the soil is dry before watering. Overwatering can cause root rot. During the summer, adding some plant feed once a fortnight helps to keep it healthy and happy.


It likes bright light and can even handle direct light for short periods. It doesn’t need an overly humid environment so is well-suited to our climate.


If it starts to look a little straggly, you can give it a little trim. This plant, with its beautiful heart-shaped leaves is non-toxic to animals.


It is pictured with the Small Ripple Hanging Planter, the Small Pie Crust Planter and the Wave Planter.

Chain of Hearts - Ceropegia Woodii

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  • Small pot             8cm  Trailing length    15-20cm

    Large pot           14cm  Trailing length 20-30cm

    Water                 Water when the soil is dry – approximately once a week in the warmer months.