Senecio Herreianus, also know as the String of Beads or String of Tears, has wonderful trailing stems of bead shaped leaves, with each one featuring a small line which helps with photosynthesis.


Native to South West Africa, your String of Beads would work well in a hanging planter or sat on a shelf with its beads hanging down. It enjoys bright, indirect light and is fairly drought tolerant, so make sure to allow the soil to dry out between watering.


If your beads become a little too long, prune as you see fit. It is fast growing in the warmer months, with its ultimate length up to 1m!


It is mildly toxic to animals.

String of Beads - Senecio Herreianus

SKU: 00062
  • Pot width  14cm

    Trailing Height        30cm

    Water         Water when the soil has dried out.