Whatever room you choose to put your Bird of Paradise in, it will take centre stage with its lovely banana-shaped leaves which fan out as it grows.


Unlike most indoor plants, the Bird of Paradise can cope with direct sunlight and is also happy in low indirect light.


Water around once a week in the summer when the top couple of inches have dried out. This plant does not like wet roots so it does not want to sit in water. As a plant native to South Africa, it also enjoys the occasional misting. If your leaves start to turn brown, it could be the chlorine in your tap water – if possible use distilled water or leave your water to sit out overnight before using.


It will grow quickly in the warmer months and even more so if you give it some plant food once a month. When grown indoors, it won’t receive enough light to flower.


The Bird of Paradise has toxins in its leaves, pets should be kept away from it.


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Strelitzia 'Bird of Paradise'

SKU: 00013
  • Pot width      21cm

    Plant height 65-70cm

    Water   Around once a week, when the top layer of soil feels dry.

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