The Senecio Angel Wings, with its silvery white floppy leaves, is one of those plants that you walk past, stop and have to go back to it. It is unlike any other plants, it has the softest, velvet-to-touch leaves and I challenge you to resist stroking its leaves on a regular basis! This unusual plant is easy to look after, is happy in full sun but is also fine in a brightly lit room. It will be fine sat in your garden in the summer but make sure to bring it inside when the temperatures start to drop. During the warmer months, make sure to water your Angel Wings regularly, it needs less water in the winter.  Senecio plants are toxic to dogs and cats so keep your furry friends away from this one.

Senecio Angel Wings

SKU: 00019
  • Pot Width 17cm

    Plant Height 20cm

    Water Regularly in the summer months, allow it to dry out between watering