There are several different types of Sansevieria, this one is called the Snake Plant and with its incredible leaf design, it’s not hard to see why! Also known as 'Mother-in-law's tongue' this is one of the toughest plants around. It will do well when placed in indirect light and can tolerate lower light conditions. Allow the soil to dry out between watering and make sure not to overwater in the winter. When watering, make sure to avoid getting the leaves wet. Snake plants are toxic for cats and dogs so keep them out of your furry friends’ way.If you want a plant that has air purifying qualities then this is the one for you. The Snake plant is known for being one of the best for air purification, as it absorbs toxins and gives off oxygen. It has been said that the more you ignore these plants, the better they do, so if you’re a beginner, this is a good choice to start your collection. We've paired the Sansevieria XL with a Lisbon Mint Green Planter. To see all our pots, click here. Buying this as a gift? Make sure to let us know in the notes section and we'll include a gift message with the delivery.

Sansevieria 'Snake Plant'

SKU: 00007
  • Pot width        27cm

    Plant height   1m

    Water              Wait for the topsoil to dry before watering. Avoid getting the leaves wet, they do not like it!

    We've paired the Sansevieria with the Lisbon Mint Green Planter.

    To see all our pots, click here.



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