If you’re new to houseplants, the Chinese Money Plant is the perfect place to start. Also known as Pilea Peperomioides, the Friendship Plant and the UFO plant, this is a low maintenance plant that thrives in a nice, light room – but not in direct sunlight. You may need to move it round your room to find the best spot – not enough light can cause the leaves' colour to fade.


Water your Pilea when the top couple of inches are dry – usually around once a week. If its leaves are drooping it may be ready for water. You don’t want your plant to get root rot so you don’t want it sitting in water.


Make sure to rotate your plant regularly to ensure growth on all sides. Dusting your leaves with a damp cloth will help to keep them healthy and shiny.


The gift that keeps on giving, your Pilea will grow quickly and has lots of babies (called pups) which you can share with your friends!


Non toxic for pets and air purifying, the Chinese Money Plant is a fantastic addition to any home.


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Chinese Money Plant

SKU: 00005
  • Pot Width        12cm

    Plant Height    20-30cm

    Water      When the top soil is dry, about once a week.

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