Also known as the Cut-Leaf or Winterbourn Philodendron, your Xanadu has distinctive arrow-shaped leaves.


To keep it happy and healthy, place it next to a bright window (apart from South facing – that is too much light). If its leaves start to turn yellow, it is receiving too much light.


It will like to have its soil kept moist but not wet – when you water it, stick it on a saucer, water and let it drain through to the plate – then pour the excess away – this will avoid root rot and ensure you’ve given it enough. Water when the top layer of soil has started to dry out – stick your finger into the soil to see if it still feels moist.


While air purifying, these plants are toxic to animals so it’s best to keep your furry friends away.

Philodendron Xanadu

SKU: 00063
  • Pot width  14cm

    Height        55cm

    Water         Water when the top 3cm of soil is dry. 

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