The Monstera Peru is one of the rarer plants we stock. It has incredibly textured dark green leaves which can feel a little like braille to touch. It is a climbing plant so once it starts to grow you might want to invest in a moss pole for it to wrap around or place it on a shelf so it can trail.


This plant needs indirect light, and watering when the top layer of soil starts to dry out. Don’t let this beauty sit in water, waterlogging can cause serious root rot.


As a tropical plant, it will enjoy a warm, humid environment, if it gets too cold in the winter, it will stop growing. A saucer of water near your plant will help to it to absorb the moisture it needs and a regular misting will keep it happy.


It is toxic to animals to best to keep it away from paws and claws!

Monstera Peru

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  • Pot width  12cm

    Height        30-40cm

    Water         Water when the top few cm of soil start to dry. 

    Click to see our range of pots. It is pictured here with Eno Green Pot.

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