If you like the idea of a plant that draws attention, a Monstera Deliciosa definitely ticks that box! Outdoors, a Monstera can grow to a monstrous size, and indoors it can take up a lot of room, so make sure you can give it the space it deserves. As it grows, it may need extra support in the form of a pole or trellis and you may need to prune it to stop it growing out of control.


A Monstera prefers to sit in indirect light, if it's exposed to direct sunlight, the leaves will turn yellow. If it’s in the dark, its leaves will grow towards the light through a clever little trick called negative tropism.


Water your Monstera about once a week – check to see if the soil is nearly dry and then water.


The Monstera is mildly toxic to pets and humans, so pets need to be kept away from it. It has good air cleaning properties all round and is generally easy to look after. A regular misting and a wipe of its leaves with a damp cloth will keep your Monstera healthy and happy.


This plant will grow, so you will need to repot it approximately every two years.


We've paired our Monstera with a Large Seagrass Tribal Basket.


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Monstera Deliciosa

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  • Large Pot Width                      21cm

    Extra Large Pot Width          24cm

    Water          Water approximately once a week, with regular misting.

    We've paired the Monstera with our Large Seagrass Tribal Basket.

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