Introducing the Monstera Adansonii or Monkey Mask, the cousin of the better known Monstera Deliciosa or Swiss Cheese Plant. Smaller and more holier than its relative, the Adansonii has the ability to become a trailing plant so is great for hanging planters. Your Adansonii will enjoy bright, indirect light and the occasional prune of its more straggly vines. It may take a few weeks to get the watering right – it likes its soil to be moist but not too wet. It also likes a higher humidity so would work well in a bathroom. Water it when the top layer of soil is dry – if the leaves start to yellow, you may need to readjust the levels and frequency. This is toxic to animals so make sure to keep out of paws/claws reach!

Monstera Monkey Mask / Adansonii

SKU: 00065
  • Pot width  12cm

    Height        25-30cm

    Water         Water when the top few cm of soil start to dry. 

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