With its distinctive fan-shaped leaves, the Livistona Rotundifolia is also known as the Table Palm or the Fan Palm. It copes well living indoors and will forgive you if you neglect it every once in a while.  It will be happiest in bright, indirect light and likes its soil to be kept moist – the top layer can dry out before watering. It will be happy with a high level of humidity. If there any brown leaves, remove at the base of that leaf to encourage healthy growth – but be careful as there are some little thorns on the spine that can hurt if you touch them! This palm cleans and improves the air quality and is non-toxic to animals.

Livistona Rotundifolia

  • Pot width             12cm

    Plant height       35-40cm

    Water                 Water when the soil is dry – approximately once a week in the warmer months.



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