A beautiful plant with huge green leaves and the ability to grow, the Fiddle Leaf Fig enjoys a warm, humid environment, and lots of light. A South facing window is ideal, failing that a bright room will do the job. It will also enjoy a few hours of direct sun – essentially, the more light the better!


It may take a few weeks for your Fiddle Leaf to adjust to your environment, the occasional lost leaf is a sign of that – but if it continues you may need to reassess and adjust its location in the house.


As a tropical plant, it likes its soil to be kept moist – give it a good water when the top couple of inches have dried. If your upright leaves are starting to look a little droopy, chances are you’re not watering it enough.


Make sure to rotate your Fiddle Leaf every so often to ensure even growth and dust your leaves down with a damp cloth.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

SKU: 00040
  • Pot width 17cm

    Plant Height 70cm

    Water When the top couple of inches are dry