With its sumptuous dark green leaves, your Ficus Robusta will enjoy bright, indirect light but can cope in lower light if needs be (it will start to droop if conditions are too dark). Water when the top layer of soil starts to dry – if you over water the leaves will start to wilt. It will also be happy with an occasional misting and a weak dose of fertiliser once or twice a month during growing season.


While your Ficus is an air purifying plant, it is poisonous to animals, so keep your pets out of harm’s way.


With the right care, these plants can grow! Prune as you see fit. These plants are not fans of the cold, so be sure to keep them away from any draughts and monitor the temperature of any room you keep them in over the winter months.

Ficus Elastica Robusta - XL

SKU: 00068
  • Pot width       27cm

    Plant height 90cm-1m

    Water             Water when the top level of soil starts to dry out.

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