Native to Florida, the Cereus Repandus ‘Florida’ is a great plant for those who want something easy to look after.


To keep your Cereus happy, simply place it in a room with plenty of bright light and rotate it every so often.


Water when the soil is completely dry (more so in the summer months, less so in winter). It’s important not to overwater these cacti as they are prone to root rot. If your cactus is in a warm spot, it may need more water so monitor this at first and water accordingly.


If it starts to feel a little soft, it may be that you’ve overwatered and it’s simply letting you know!


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Cereus Repandus 'Florida'

SKU: 00031
  • Pot width 10.5cm

    Plant height 17cm

    Water - Let the soil completely dry out before watering.