Cast Iron by name and by nature, the Aspidistra is the hardiest of plants and perfect for those looking for a low maintenance plant to add to/start their collection. It can survive low light, changes in temperature and fluctuations in how often it is watered. What’s not to like?!


Originating from Japan/Taiwan, the Cast Iron plant can grow (albeit slowly) so make sure you give it space to let it do its thing!


Non-toxic to animals, the one thing you need to do for your Cast Iron is keep it away from direct sunlight. Water when the top soil is dry (it will prefer to be too dry than too wet). A wipe down of its leaves with a damp cloth to remove dust will keep it happy and healthy.


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Cast Iron Plant - Aspidistra

SKU: 00004
  • Pot width          22cm

    Plant height    95cm

    Water                 It doesn't need watering too regularly - wait until the top soil is dry. 


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