Also referred to as a prayer plant because of the movement of its leaves up and down during the day/night, the Calathea Roseopicta Princess Jessie originates from the North West of Brazil and can grow to around 50cm in height and even more so in width.


The good news is that the Princess Jessie is very unfussy. It is happiest in indirect light, so ideally it shouldn’t be placed directly in front of a window (or its lovely colour may start to fade). It does appreciate higher levels of humidity and will love you even more if you mist it regularly. A sign it is not receiving enough humidity is when the leaves start to curl inwards.


It is not a fan of the cold, so don’t let the temperature drop below 16 degrees Celsius.


Water your Princess Jessie when the top layer of soil has dried out – but as a tropical plant it shouldn’t ever be completely dry. Equally, water standing in the pot creates wet roots and it is not a fan of that either – the key is to water regularly but in small amounts!


Calatheas are not toxic so they are pet friendly and in other positives, having a Princess Jessie in the house will purify the air in your room. It’s a beauty all round!


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Calathea Roseopicta 'Princess Jessie'

SKU: 00001
  • Pot Width:             12cm   

    Plant height:         30cm

    Water: Little and often. Check the topsoil with your finger and water when it is completely dry. 

    Need a pot for this plant? Click here to see one of our pots for this plant size. You will need a pot diameter of 13-15cm.

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