This was the plant that started my houseplant obsession! The Calathea Ornata or Pinstripe is a crowd pleaser with its beautiful green and pink striped leaves, and like the Roseopicta, is a prayer plant, with leaves that move up and down through the day/night.


Originating from South America, this plant likes humid conditions. Water your pinstripe when the topsoil starts to dry out – in the summer, this will be about once a week, stretching to two-four weeks during the winter. While it does love water, it doesn’t like excess water as it can cause root rot so be careful not to go over the top!


Your pinstripe likes the light but not direct sunlight. A corner in a nice light room where it can benefit from indirect sunlight will see it at its happiest.


If your leaves start to go brown at the tips, it may be that the conditions are too dry – remember, these plants originate in the rainforest so they love humidity. Regular misting will help to keep it happy. Depending on the chlorine levels in your water, this can have a negative impact on the Ornata, so if you have the time, boil some water overnight and use it at room temperature the following day.


We've paired our Ornata with a Bamboo Pink Planter.


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Calathea Ornata

SKU: 00002
  • Pot width         19cm

    Plant Height   60-70cm

    Water            About once a week, when the topsoil feels dry.

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