The Calathea Medallion is quite the looker, with its large, “medallion” like leaves, which look as if they've been painted with brushstrokes of different shades of green.


Similar to Goldilcocks, the key to success with a Medallion is to get the conditions just right. It likes brightly-lit rooms but won't fare well in direct sun, the leaves will become scorched and a shadow of their former selves. 


When watering, don't allow it to completely dry out, it needs to remain moist. But it's also important not to overwater. It will also benefit from fertiliser once a month in the warmer months.


These plants can grow! So make sure to factor in plenty of space and sit back and watch it flourish.


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Calathea Medallion

SKU: 00029
  • Pot width     14cm

    Plant height  40cm

    Water - Water regularly to keep the soil moist.

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