Native to South America, Caladiums are quite the looker, coming in an incredible array of pinks, reds, whites and greens, with large paper-thin pointy leaves.


To flourish they need bright, indirect light, with their soil kept moist throughout the growing season. These are tropical plants and do enjoy a warmer, humid temperature.


When the leaves start to die back, stop watering and resume when they start to reappear next season.


While lovely to look at, Caladiums are toxic to animals and humans, so keep your furry friends and children away from their luscious leaves!

Caladium - Green & White/Pink

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  • Pot width       12cm

    Plant height  30-40cm

    Water             Water when the top level of soil starts to dry out.

    Colours          We have three different types of Caladium at the moment - Pink, White and Green, White & Green and Red and Green.

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