We have a brilliant selection of cacti, from tall and hairy to short and spiky, some that flower and some that don't! 


As cacti are native to deserts, they grow best in lots of light, high temperatures and low humidity. They absorb carbon dioxide at night - so are great to put in your bedroom to help you sleep!


Give your cactus a good watering when the soil is completely dry and reduce the amount of water in the colder months.


Cacti are a great plant for those new to houseplants, just be careful when handling as it can hurt if they spike you!


Are you buying this as a gift? If so, please let us know in the special notes section and we'll include a gift message with the delivery! 



SKU: 00038
  • Pot width 10.5cm

    Plant height Up to 17cm

    Water - Let the soil completely dry out before watering.

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