Also known as the Polka Dot Begonia, this is a stunningly attractive plant, which automatically draws the eye with its silver dots and red undersides. Originating from Mexico, Asia, South Africa and Central America, this begonia likes tropical temperatures so won’t be too happy if a room gets too cold. To ensure a decent level of humidity, leave a saucer of water nearby.


It's important not to overwater a begonia. Wait until the top soil is dry before watering and make sure not to get the leaves or stem wet – they do not like it!


It will enjoy a well-lit room but to keep your leaves vibrant, its best to position it away from direct sunlight. If the leaves are starting to look scorched, it needs to move further away from the light.


Begonias have air purifying properties, breaking down harmful substances and making oxygen from C02. But they are toxic, so make sure to keep your children and furry friends away from your Polka Dot.


Did you know? It is rumoured that Christian Louboutin created his renowned red-heeled shoe to mimic the underside of the Polka Dot Begonia.


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Begonia Maculata 'Polka Dot'

SKU: 00012
  • Pot width  14cm

    Height        30-40cm

    Water         Water when the top soil is dry. Err on the side of caution, it's important not to overwater your Polka Dot.

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