Pronounced al-oh ar-bo-RES-senz, this cousin of the Aloe Vera plant is more commonly known as the Candelabra plant.


Native to South Africa, it shares the same medicinal properties as the Aloe Vera, helping to heal burns, and is incredibly easy to look after.


Essentially, it needs plenty of sunlight – the more the better, and water when the soil dries out. It will be ok if you forget to water it every so often but if its tips start to turn red, it’s telling you it is thirsty and needs watering now!


This plant can grow so make sure to prepare a space for it once it outgrows its initial location. This is a great plant all year round, so makes the perfect gift.

Aloe Arborescens

SKU: 00043
  • Pot width       12cm

    Plant height  30-40cm

    Water - Let the soil completely dry out before watering.

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