With its arrow shaped leaves and zebra-striped stem, the Alocasia Zebrina is a distinctive plant which is native to South East Asia.


It will need to be placed in a well-lit room but out of the way of direct sun, which can scorch its leaves. Make sure to rotate it on a regular basis, as this plant will seek out the sun!


The soil needs to be kept moist - this is a plant that will benefit from being watered little and often. It can hold water in its stems, so be careful not to overwater. And if it starts to droop, it's letting you know it's thirsty.


It likes tropical conditions, so it needs a moist environment. Regular misting will also help to keep it healthy.


It's worth noting that these plants can only handle 4 or 5 leaves so at some point their weaker leaves will fade and drop. But don't worry, it does this to save its nutrients for new leaves!


Zebrinas are toxic so need to be kept away from animals and children.


*If you buy a lot of tropical plants, a humidifer would be worth investing in, particularly for the winter months.


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Alocasia Zebrina - XL

SKU: 00030
  • Pot width 24cm

    Plant height:  Between 1m - 1.10m

    Water - Water little and often. 

    Delivery for this plant will be in the New Year.

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