Also known as an Elephant's Ear, the Alocasia Polly is a very distinctive plant, with dark arrow-shaped leaves. As a tropical plant, it will enjoy a warm room with bright, indirect light and a regular misting. It will struggle in low light but direct sun would scorch its leaves.


Water it when the top layer of soil starts to dry out, making sure to lessen the frequency in winter. It will be dormant in the winter so there will be no growth.


If you see brown edges, it has been underwatered, yellow spots suggest its been over watered.


It is mildly toxic so animals need to be kept clear of this one.

Alocasia Polly

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  • Pot width  Small - 12cm    Medium - 17cm

    Height        Small 25-30cm    Medium 45-50cm

    Water         Water when the top soil is dry. 

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