Also known as Buddha's hand, the Alocasia Cucullata is believed to bring good fortune and is often found in Buddhist temples across its native Thailand.


This plant will be happy and healthy when placed in bright, indirect sunlight. Do not put it in direct sunlight as this can burn its leaves.


When watering, wait until the top soil starts to feel dry and then give it a good drink with warm water, draining away any excess to avoid root rot. 


This Alocasia likes higher levels of humidity so it will appreciate a regular misting.


You should add a small amount of fertilizer to the soil during the summer months to help with growth and keep it looking at its best.


Whilst air purifying these plants are toxic if ingested so best kept away from small children and pets.

Alocasia Culcullata

  • Pot Width          21cm

    Plant height     65-70cm

    Water          Water little and often, with regular misting.