The best plants for your bathroom

House plants have the ability to transform a room – and when you have a few together, you can really bring the tropical into your interior. A bathroom is the perfect place to create your own indoor jungle but it’s worth taking a bit of time to look at which plants will thrive in that environment.

With showers, baths and a lot of steam, your bathroom is likely to be the most humid room in your house – when choosing plants for it, consider which plants are used to tropical conditions. Also look at the amount of daylight – some plants do well in low light and some are happy in direct sun – it pays to make sure you have the right plant for the level of light available in your bathroom.

Here are some of our recommendations;

Alocasia Polly

The bathroom is an ideal spot for your Alocasia Polly because it loves a humid environment. It will be happier in a bright spot and depending on the power of the sun, it could cope with direct light.

Calathea - Orbifolia/Medallion/ Roseopicta

These tropical plants absolutely thrive in a humid environment and with their incredible foliage, can create a dramatic look in your bathroom. While it will be happy in a humid environment, it will also need a decent level of light – so if you have a dark bathroom, the Calathea probably isn’t best suited.

Sansevieria (Snake Plant)

Aside from its striking looks, the beauty of a Snake Plant is that it can cope with pretty much anything you throw at it. High levels of humidity, low light, cold temperatures – the Snake Plant will stand tall throughout it all.

Monstera Monkey Mask

We have a Monkey Mask in our bathroom and its rate of growth has been incredible. It thrives on the humidity and requires bright, indirect light. This plant can grow – consider either a Moss Pole or go for a hanging planter to show it at its best.

Monstera Peru

Similar to its relative the Monkey Mask, the Monstera Peru will flourish in a humid environment - it can also grow and will look great in a hanging planter.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

The Fiddle Leaf Fig is another plant which will thrive in humid conditions. It will do best in bright, indirect light and this plant will appreciate a shower! The water will help to keep the leaves clean, just make sure it can drain away afterwards as it won’t like its roots getting waterlogged.

Begonia Maculata

Once again, the Begonia is a humid-loving plant – got a bathroom windowsill that is begging for a plant companion? The begonia could be the one for you – and in the right conditions, this plant can produce beautiful white flowers.

Peace Lilies

A low maintenance plant, the Peace Lily will appreciate the humidity a bathroom provides. This plant can also cope in lower light – just make sure not to overwater it as it will require less in a humid environment.

Rubber Plant

In a rubber plant’s natural habitat, humidity would be ever-present – a bathroom with a decent level of light would be the perfect place for a rubber plant.


Not only do they look awesome, Palms (all different kinds) love high humidity and can do well in bright light. Just to make sure to keep the soil moist.

With all plants, it’s important to remember that humidity will mean your plants won’t dry out as quickly, so make sure to lessen the frequency/level you water them, especially in the winter months.

Hope that helps! If you have any questions, just let us know.

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