The best plants for beginners

If you’ve decided to start a house plant collection in 2021 but aren’t sure where to begin, there are plenty of plants which are low maintenance and great for beginners. Here’s our top five:

1. Sansevieria

The hardiest of house plants, the Sansevieria or Snake Plant is an incredibly easy plant to look after. It can handle pretty much any light conditions so if you have a shadier spot that you’d like to put a plant in, the Snake Plant will be happy there. It doesn’t need watering as frequently as other house plants, let the soil dry out between watering and it doesn’t need misting.

2. Dracaena

Like the Snake Plant, the Dracaena also needs less water than other house plants. It can also cope with lower light. There are several different types of Dracaena, from lemon and lime to dark green and green and white.

3. Tradescantia

The Tradescantia can grow to trail and will also forgive you if you neglect it every once in a while. It likes bright light but doesn’t really require any specific temperatures or humidity.

4. Satin Pothos

Another trailing plant, the Satin Pothos has beautiful leaves, can cope with a bit of neglect and lower light conditions.

5. Chinese Money Plant

The Chinese Money Plant isn't a trailer and it does like bright light but it is also an easy plant to look after - it just needs watering when the top layer feels dry and an occasional rotation to ensure even growth on all sides.

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