Propagating your Chinese Money Plant

The Chinese Money Plant has many names, with Friendship Plant and the Pass-it-on Plant being of relevance due to the numerous baby plants it can grow, which you can pass on to your friends (or keep for yourself – the choice is yours).

If you can see baby plants or plantlets starting to grow through but aren’t sure how to take cuttings/propagate, here’s a guide to help you safely transfer your baby plant to a new home.

To give your plant a fighting chance, take the cutting in spring, when it has more energy and there is more daylight. Check it’s definitely ready to be separated – it should be 2-3 inches in size before cutting it from the mother plant.

If it’s ready, you need to decide on a home for it. Depending on the size of the plantlet, you may first want to place it in a small vase or tube with some water, so it can establish its roots a little further before you plant it.

Alternatively, you can plant it straight into damp soil, which should also contain perlite, to ensure there is good drainage.

Once you’ve decided on your plant’s new home, it’s time to separate the baby stem from the mother plant. Use your fingers to gently start to remove the soil from around the plantlet, following the root down about an inch or so. It’s important to remove the plantlet with its roots intact, so use a sharp, clean knife to make the cut.

If you’ve decided to water root first, make sure the leaves aren’t in the water, just the roots. Change the water regularly and when you’re confident it has had enough root growth, transfer to a pot. Care conditions are the same as for the mother plant – bright, indirect light in a warm room. Even though it’s only small, it’s still important to rotate regularly.

You can also propagate a Chinese Money Plant from its stem but when it has babies on a regular basis, we think it’s easier to take cuttings instead but the choice is yours!

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