Getting a Christmas Cactus to Bloom

With its vibrant, colourful blooms, the Christmas cactus is a beautiful house plant, which is relatively low maintenance and can last for years! If you find your cactus blooms that first year and then it doesn’t the following year, there are steps you can take to help it bloom again.

While it is classed as a cactus, this plant is very different from those you find in the desert – the Christmas cactus is a tropical plant that likes a humid environment and bright indirect light as opposed to direct sun. It also needs more water than its relatives and likes its soil to be moist.

To help it bloom, you need to take the following steps;

1. Reduce the amount of water you’re giving it – when the top layer of soil is dry, give it enough water to make the soil a little damp rather than the amount you would normally give it.

2. During this period, make sure it is placed in darkness (complete darkness if possible) for 12-14 hours every night. During the daytime, it will be fine in its usual spot.

3. Temperature is also key. It needs to be kept cool, with the temperature averaging between 10-13 degrees Celsius. This is the temperature it needs to stay at until you see buds start to form on your plant.

This process can take around two months, and once the buds have formed, it can take another month before they bloom into flowers. If you want your cactus to bloom for Christmas, this activity will need to start at the beginning of October.

Once your cactus has buds, you can increase the amount of water and move it into a warmer spot.

This is a truly incredible plant and it’s well worth the effort to see it bloom again!

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