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We came up with the name Three Little Leaves to represent our family - myself Kat, my husband Paul and our daughter Gabi. I've always been a fan of plants but during lockdown, which was a period of uncertainty for many, I built up my houseplant collection and found they made a real difference to my stress levels. We decided to set up our own little houseplant store, to help bring a bit of tranquillity into everyone's lives, stocking a selection of houseplants to suit all tastes and budgets, from real showstoppers like the Monstera Deliciosa to smaller, more budget friendly plants such as the Chinese Money Plant. Our stock will change as we learn what people like/dislike - we are new to the world of retail but will do our best to offer plants to make you smile.


We are really keen to work with independent artists and makers and hope to stock pots, art and more to help showcase their work. If you are an independent artist, we'd love to hear from you!